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port of Naha
Lat: 26 13 N; Long: 127 40 E.
Time Zone : GMT +9 h
Admiralty Chart : JP226
Admiralty Pilot : 42A
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Authority : Naha Port Authority, 2-1 Tondo-cho, Naha 900-0035, Okinawa Pref., Japan, Tel: +81 98 868 4544, Fax: +81 98 862 4233, Email:, Website:
President: Keiichi Inamine.
Executive Vice President: Toshiro Tsutsumi.
Working Hours: 0800-1630, 1630-2200 in two shifts
1Naha Terminal: For ferries linking the Okinawa mainland to Kagoshima, Hakata and
the isolated islands of Miyako and Ishigaki; also for freight carriers to East Asia. Cargo
handling yards of 16 960 m2, storage yards of 30 412 m2, other yards of 8974 m2
and transit shed of 5736 m2
2Tomari Terminal: For liner vessels between the neighbouring islands and small
boats. Cargo handling yards of 2733 m2, storage yards of 4027 m2, other yards of
22 885 m2 and transit shed of 3166 m2
3Shinko Terminal: Major district for international container trade, international ferries
to Taiwan and domestic ferries to Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe
The Naha International Container Terminal Inc., 1-27-1 Minatomachi, Naha, Okinawa
900-0001, Tel: +81 98 867 5931, Fax: +81 98 867 5933, Email:,
consists of Terminals 9 and 10 with a terminal area of 21 ha and a berthing length
of 600 m (two 300 m berths) in depth of 15 m. It has a container storage area of 60
000 m2 and is equipped with one panamax and one post-panamax crane. 48 reefer
4Urasoe Terminal: Tramp general cargo & cement vessels. Cargo handling yards of
36 712 m2, storage yards of 75 693 m2 and transit shed of 3570 m2
Weather: NNE wind direction in winter, SSE in summer
Tides: Range of tide 2.3 m
Traffic: 2005, 8 663 000 t of cargo handled, 408 448 TEUs
Cargo Worked: Approx 30 t/h/gang
Bunkering: Domestic oil only is available at berths or inner anchorage
Towage: Three tugs available; two of 2600 hp and one of 1900 hp
Repair & Maintenance: Minato Kogyo Co. Ltd, Naha, Okinawa Pref., Japan, Tel: +81
98 868 3110
Medical Facilities: Available close to the port (Japanese speaking only). Hospital,
8 km. US Naval Hospital, 30 km
Airport: Naha Airport, 5 km
Development: Ther are plans for a container terminal extension (Berth No.11: 350
m long in depth of 15 m) which will be constructed when demand has met a certain
Approach: Draught limitation in channel is 11 m
Pilotage compulsory for vessels over 300 gt. Pilot boards in pos 26 13
49" N; 127 38 20" E. Naha Pilots Association to be contacted on VHF Channel 13,
one hour prior to arrival at Pilot Station. Berthing is normally carried out during
daylight hours only, unberthing at any time. Eleventh Regional Maritime Safety
Agency can be contacted on VHF Channels 16 and 12, call sign NAHAHOAN